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A big thank you to you Maryne for this exchange.

Maryne followed me in my practices to capture the moment and share it with you.

I join you his link below, you will find all his universe in this page, as well as his many passions.

A very nice meeting!



What to say, if not a thousand thanks too, to you Elsa, for allowing me to teach on your beautiful land, a piece of authentic nature!!! 

Located within the National Forest Park, between Cussey-Les-Forges  (21) and Villemervry (52), the Herberie de la Tille welcomes you all year round.

You can come and taste a herbal infusion, to warm up, after a walk to benefit from their properties, or simply to savor a wonderful, authentic and natural taste.

In fine weather, from April to October, you can visit the 3000 m2 garden and discover, using a paper guide, plants with medicinal properties, or conversely observe the toxic plants, grouped in the circle witches.

Because we are all bridges that connect places all in all UNI VERS, desire to share links of people with diverse and varied energies, therapists, artists, musicians, shamans 

Florian Agenon - Shaman - Magnetizer 

"To be well in your body and in your head"

In life, there is no Hazard: At 19, I met a magnetizer who guided me and revealed to myself. Trained as a groom, the animals confirmed my gifts of magnetism. Then, the universe put on my way a second guide with whom I trained in energetics.

The instruments (drum, Tibetan bowl, drump etc.) and the intuitive singing allowed me to find the path of the shaman in me and to go even further in the care (invisible matter)_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

Passionate about creative arts and cute stuffed animals since my childhood, I have now decided to combine these two passions in order to give life to new personalized comforters for the little ones (or the not so little ones hihi)!

I create works that are just and vibrationally adapted to each and everyone. I receive this energy directly in connection with the voice of the person's soul and their totem animal. I have a clear intention to carry out a work in accordance with his healing needs. I then transmit this energy by channeling it, transforming it into colors and shapes in an intuitive way.

Philippe Chérubin, Healer by chi (vital energy) and founder of Païcibas ...

Paici what? The step you take down here...

A wonderful method to discover! allowing you to let go, tame your emotions, a method that invites us to live consciously in the present moment.


It allows to put words on evils. Thus by appreciating our past more, we can adapt a behavior for a future, closer to what we wish to be "in reality" in accordance with our deep being. It is a work done in full consciousness.

Understanding our behavior with the Païcibas, through movement, breathing and posture, gives us the ability to modify it in life when faced with an annoyance, aggression, illness or accident.

Païcibas sessions are: either individual or in groups.

If you live in the jura or in its close surroundings, you will be able to take advantage of regular, group or individual sessions in Andelot in the mountains at Levier..

For all information: 07 50 25 38 19.

My wife and I run gites, small wooden chalets in the Jura at Andelot-en Montagne. The place is very beautiful and allows you to relax... Especially since there is a swimming pool, a sauna and a Nordic bath... And I exercise on the premises! 

A tattoo, piercing or permanent makeup project? Céline and Christophe welcome you with pleasure at 4 rue de la gare in Genlis!

Consciousness awakening coach. My purpose: To help people find their inner light. 

I use tools like life coaching, Ericksonian hypnosis, non-violent communication… To accompany you with the greatest benevolence and with great sensitivity on themes related to parenthood and others:

- LDCs

- Pregnancy: fear of becoming a parent, multiple pregnancy, fear of childbirth.

- Difficulty when returning home: breastfeeding, baby blues, etc.

- Miscarriage, Loss of a child

- Denial of pregnancy 

- Sick or disabled child

- Adoption

- Other themes: Hypersensitivity, self-confidence, management of emotions, overweight, eczema, stress, relationship difficulties, Burn out, death...

- Support for children: hypersensitivity, fear of school, lack of confidence, ADHD, DYS, children with high potential (HPI), school bullying.

I receive people in private consultations in the office and I also organize themed workshops.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact me at 07 67 20 47 54;

Every minute that passes is an opportunity to change the course of your life.

The Au Chêne Bleu workshop, between jewelry and puppets...

Established for 2 years in the valley of the ouche, the workshop Au Chêne Bleu shapes wood, carves it to make jewelry or decorative objects.

Each artisanal creation, made by hand and marked by nature and the spirit of the times.

But let's not forget the puppets! the Au Chêne Bleu workshop offers shows and artistic courses, at the bends of the valleys..

"I live in Lons le Saunier, prefecture of the Jura department.

I travel to the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions.

I relieve by laying on of hands all living beings.

For animals, there are many indications: behavioral disorders, aggressiveness, apathy, inconstancy in work, difficulty concentrating, relationship difficulties, etc. Animals that have gone through difficult times (abandonment, mistreatment, weaning, breaking in, separations, bereavement, etc.) find a better physical, behavioral and relational balance. I also support them at the end of their life, physically and spiritually.

I have a very special contact with horses, whose messages and teachings I am able to listen to in order to pass them on to those around them.

I also perceive geobiological disturbances and their impact on living beings.

My capacities of perception and my personal journey allow me to accompany those who are in search and questioning about their Life Course (personal life, professional life, etc.).

Since June 1, 2019, I also offer remote care, on photos.

I lead conferences and seminars to help people discover all these activities."





I grew up in Love with a family very open to spirituality, mediumship, the subtle world were part of my daily life and it is no coincidence that throughout my life I have had experiences that have confirmed my beliefs, leaving no doubt about all this Magic that this World could offer us.



It was in 2011, after receiving an Energetic Reconnection (Axiatonal Realignment)  that everything accelerated in my life, my back and knee pains disappeared, Magnificent synchronicities started place in my life pushing me to follow a first training in Energy care leading to my professional retraining and to embark on this new path.


I accompany you in your approach to Better Being through various tools that I have acquired over the past 9 years of experience, you will be able to discover Leetherapy, Axiatonal Realignment but also the possibility of training in Energy Care or Axiatonal Realignment .

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