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  Spirit medium with a hint of shamanism 
Private consultations.

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The life of beings is like the gallop of a horse… 

With each of these movements, it changes in each moment, it moves. You ask me what you want to do?

  Well, let yourself go with your natural transformations…


Take care of your soul to better take care of your body… 

A medium is a person capable of perceiving, by supernatural   means, messages
spirits, man and animal, the dead, and to serve as an intermediary between the living and the dead. Mediumship also makes it possible to receive messages about the origin of the blockage.

Shamanism is a state of mind, a practice centered on mediation between living beings and spirits, an exploration of these ancestral roots of one's deep Self. 
It is above all, a way of living more precisely, a way of communicating and communing with nature, the spirits...

Audrey consults the spirits, she travels beyond the worlds in order to discover the origin of the problem encountered.
Liberate, find missing pieces, memories, energies, she will seek the wounds of the soul and the body, on all living beings, in order to create a cohabitation and an understanding between the two._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Audrey accompanies you towards an understanding of yourself, of the life situations you are going through, whether it concerns the emotional, professional, family... work, finance, death, love, relationship, or reading of past lives.

Medium, from birth, with a touch of shamanism, she evokes your past, clarifies your present life, and makes predictions about your future thanks to your deceased animal and human loved ones, and her guides,
Being a medium, she does not necessarily need support.
sometimes he happens to use it, with the methods transmitted by his family, ancient method of taromancy, clairvoyance, rune, ogham, shamanic Oracle, Audrez is versatile.



Consultation Médiumnité Chamanique

Je recommande sans hésiter. Vraiment super. Elle vous parle comme si elle vous connaissait depuis longtemps et elle va très en profondeur. Médium très compétente.

Appointments are made on 06 49 08 38 71 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Le règlement peut se faire par virement, PayPal, par carte bancaire ou en espèce. Suivant votre choix, je vous communique les coordonnées nécessaires.
Je demande le règlement avant la consultation, mais pas forcément à la prise de rendez-vous.

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