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Animal Communication 


This form of communication is the oldest language in the world, it is still quite unknown, it's time to listen to our friends


How does animal communication work?

Communication with animals and with living organisms, plants, stones, etc. works at any distance. It is a listening, where all the senses are awakened, the animals do not speak with words, but by telepathy….

Whatever their species, they project their thoughts through images, sensations, sounds, smells, colors, vibrations, emotions. This is how it is possible to pick up their messages, a bit like radio waves, you have to put it on a certain frequency, this is how you can imagine telepathy!

Who is it for?

Intuitive communication is a way to help you communicate with him. It is used to :

- Understand behavior, receive clarity on your pet's thinking.

- Locate where he is in pain, the reason for his discomfort. 

- Find out how your pet feels.

- Understand and create harmony in multi-animal homes.

- Comfort during transitions, help the animal recover from trauma, fear.

- Ask questions about their diet, their environment. 

It is also used to help them find the way, because sometimes they realize that they have left their physical body (after a sudden death for example). 

It can also be used for the discovery of soul contracts.

Animals can be invaded by various words. The veterinary environment relieves the body, the telepathic intuitive communication relieves the spirit and finds the deep, spiritual cause, putting WORDS ON ILLS.

How does a session take place? 

Generally good!! :-)

The conversation takes place mainly at a distance, it is a calm and silent language, each animal has its way of communicating, its character... Animals in general are open and talkative and they are happy to communicate with us. Your pet will not be surprised when I contact him. The animal already knows that we are going to discuss . 

The information is sent to the animal, I also connect to its guardian, to you. 

Most of the animals I meet are ready or waiting. 

Animals know how to listen, they are very funny too, they know so much about life, the earth, the universe, they are wiser than most people could imagine. 

They are great life teachers. 

For this communication to take place, I need:

- a photo of your friend, companion 

- your questions 

- your phone, as well as your time zone.

Quick consultation: 

Telephone only: 25 euros

This consultation as its name suggests, short consultation

lets ask a question or two.

Remote consultation: 

- Animal or plant communication: 45 euros 

- Emergency communication with an animal: example animal at the end of its life… 50 euros 

- Energy care: 35 euros remotely  .


Consultation  face-to-face only:

- Animal communication for horses: 60 euros 

Mileage package not included (price depending on the distance to be covered)

Looking forward to meeting you and your animal friends 


Au plaisir de vous rencontrer vous et vos amis animaux 

Communication animale

Elle est bluffante , elle a communiqué avec mon chat , elle m'a expliquée que son problème n'est pas un problème de comportement , mais un problème de santé .Merci Audrey

La prise de rendez-vous se fait au 06 49 08 38 71les Lundi, Mardi, Jeudi et Vendredi de 9h à 17h.

Le règlement peut se faire par virement, PayPal ou bien par carte bancaire. Suivant votre choix, je vous communique les coordonnées nécessaires. Je demande le règlement avant la consultation, mais pas forcément à la prise de rendez-vous.

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